PAIFMA 2017 Host City Announced: London!

Every year, the PAIFMA awards ceremony will be held in a chosen international destination city. The highly anticipated inaugural PAIFMA Awards will be held in London, United Kingdom. London is situated conveniently between two of the biggest film epicentres of the world and has become a hub for cross-cultural projects across Bollywood, Hollywood, and other artistic industries from throughout Asia.

Next year, London will serve as host to the finest talent from film, music and fashion industries throughout the Pan-Asian community. Supported by key members of the Indian, Pakistani, Persian, Chinese, French and American film industries among others, the PAIFMAs are the most prestigious and unique awards of its kind– providing a global platform to the recognise and celebrate the talents across these diverse film, music and fashion fraternities across the world.

This cross-cultural platform provides an opportunity for the talent to connect with their audiences abroad, but also to help boost and support the host country via tourism, economic development, trade, culture, cross-border investments and film co-productions.