The PAIFMA Vision

The Pan-Asian International Film and Music Awards were envisioned to recognise and celebrate the common cultural thread that exists beyond the national boundaries and within the hearts and minds of people across Asia. The team behind the awards believe that the the films, the stories, the cultural art-forms and the artists themselves are something to be celebrated beyond national boundaries and to be cherished and adored by people around the world.

The Awards

Every year, the PAIFMA will be held at a prestigious and high-profile standard across select international destinations to fully celebrate and promote the charm, diversity and artistic merit of the Pan-Asian cultural and artistic fraternity within the hearts and minds of people around the world.

The PAIFMA Objectives

The PAIFMAs will help bolster and recognise the talents of cinematic, musical and fashion industries across Asia while providing a high profile platform on which to recognise excellence in such cultural fields. It will also provide artists the unique opportunity to network with their peers from around the subcontinent and the wider international community in unique and inspiring environments around the world. The PAIFMAs will also partner with charity, cultural and other welfare organisations to give back to the community and use the arts as a means to promote peace, and to highlight the value for the arts and education.

The Official Selection Process

The Pan-Asian International Film and Music Awards Academy has been envisioned as the unique awarding body to recognise talents and merits across borders for the first time. Fans and supporters of the arts will have the opportunity to vote on nomination categories to determine the winners across popular choice categories of the official selections. The nominations will be derived from film, music, fashion and other notable cultural products from within the official awards calendar year, and will be driven by audit partners in conjunction with the PAIFMA Honorary Advisory Board Members, comprised of eminent personalities from around the world.

Events Schedule

The Pan-Asian International Film and Music Awards will be held over a period of three to four days. The prestigious red carpet event and awards ceremony will be preceded and followed by a number of events and activities pertaining to the excellence in the arts in the film, music and fashion industries from across Asia, and held in unique global destinations annually.